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Philippine Folk Dance – Tiklos

Philippine Folk Dance - Tiklos Dance

Tiklos (also called “pintakasi”) is the Waray equivalent to the “bayanihan”. Groups of people work for somebody without hoping for anything in return. They work odd jobs like clearing forests, digging the earth for wells, moving a nipa hut to a new location or even building a house! In all …

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Indian Folk Dance – Lavni

Indian Folk Dance - Lavni

Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particulary performed to the enchanting beats of ‘Dholak’, an drum like instrument. This dance is performed by attractive women wearing nine-yard saris. The women gyrate on the pulsating beats of traditional music. The word Lavani originates from “Lavanya”, meaning beauty. …

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Looking Opportunities for Our African Dance Groups

Power Warocka Entertainment - Afrian Dance Group

Hi. My name is Mandla Simelane from South Africa ,we manage great Cultural dance groups who best showcase South African dance cultures on stage,high energy acts ,thunderous drumming gauranteed to set the mood and get spectators enchanted and excited. We are open for bookings worldwide My contact details are Phone …

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Buchaechum – Korean Folk Dance

Buchaechum - Korean Folk Dance - FolkDanceWorld Buchaechum – Korean Folk Dance Interpretation of a folk dance of Korean origin. Daejeon, Korea-based Yoon Minsook Dance Troupe. Recorded in Celanova, Galicia, Spain 2014

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Roman Dance – Turkish Folk Dance

Roman Dance - Turkish Folk Dance

You can watch the fun and very enjoyable roman dance. it is also a type of dance played by gypsies. This dance is played more in northwestern Turkey, dormitories is also exhibited in many places. We wish you a fun and enjoyable stay.

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II International Folklore Festival May June 2020

II International Folklore Festival June 202 - BalkanFolk Mallorca

BalkanFolk-Majorca Association is pleased to invite you to the II International Folklore Festival, which will be held from May 28 to June 1, 2020. This event is a celebration of culture, dance and music, which will take place in one of the most beautiful and visited tourist destinations in Europe, …

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