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Bacolod Folk Dance Steps – Philippines

Bacolod Folk Dance Steps

Bacolod Folk Dance is a traditional dance from the city of Bacolod in the Philippines. It is typically performed during festivals and celebrations, and features lively and energetic movements. The dance often incorporates props such as handkerchiefs, fans, and hats, and is typically accompanied by upbeat, folk-style music. The exact …

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Learning the Indian Dandiya Dance

Indian Dandiya Folk Dance

The dandiya folk dance is an energetic Indian folk dance, enjoyed by groups of people. It is most often danced in a set of group swirling in two circles anti-clockwise. The dance gets its make from the use of the two colorful sticks – the dandiyas – that each someone …

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Basic Steps in a Filipino Folk Dance

Filipino folk dance is essentially same as ballet, however the folk dance is more looser, less hard and more cheerfuly. Most themes in Filipino folk dances are love, flirtation and romance. Influenced by European dances like the waltz. The Philippines added their own culture and style to create their own …

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