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Buchaechum – Korean Folk Dance

Buchaechum - Korean Folk Dance - FolkDanceWorld Buchaechum – Korean Folk Dance Interpretation of a folk dance of Korean origin. Daejeon, Korea-based Yoon Minsook Dance Troupe. Recorded in Celanova, Galicia, Spain 2014

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KONAN : Philippine Folk Dance from Pangasinan

The name of the dance is derived from the old Spanish-era silver coin the “conant”. It is notable that Pangasinan folk and traditional dances are fond of dance props. Popular among these props are the bangko, coconut shells with lighted candles inside, fans, wine glasses, sticks, takuko,…

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Calusul, Romanian folk dance

This is the full sound track of the famous Romanian folk dance, Calusul. I’ve combined it with a few pics and a tv clip (stripped of audio) I’ve found on the Net. Calusul is danced at this incredible speed mostly in the South of Romania, particularly in Oltenia.

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Roman Dance – Turkish Folk Dance

Roman Dance - Turkish Folk Dance

You can watch the fun and very enjoyable roman dance. it is also a type of dance played by gypsies. This dance is played more in northwestern Turkey, dormitories is also exhibited in many places. We wish you a fun and enjoyable stay.

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Tammurriata – A folk dance of south of Italy

I took this vid in Pagani (Italy) on the occasion of the festival of “Madonna delle Galline”. It was amazing – a lot of people dancing Tammurriata all over the streets! Note: I’d like to say a small note of thanks to all of the people who are in this …

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Mariovska Tresenica – Macedonian Folk Dance

The Macedonian dance “Mariovska Tresenica” is a dance from the Mariovo region, a mountainous region known for its traditional white costume. The Mariovo region is situated in southern Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia). The dnace is performed by the Macedonian ensemble “Goce Delčev”

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Russian folk song and dance – Kazanka

Russian folk song and dance "Kazanka"

Ensemble “Barynya” performs Russian folk dance. What happens in this song takes place near Kazanka River in the middle of Russia. Young guy has to choose between three women: old grandma, widow and young beautiful girl. The dance performed with live vocals and accompaniment of tambourine, balalaika contrabass, garmoshka and …

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Abkhazian Folk Dance Ensemble – Kavkaz

Abkhazian Folk Dance Ensemble-Kavkaz

When it was first established, it is a “folk dance group of the Caucasus peoples confederation of state folk dance community” and currently continues its activities as “abkhazian state folk dance community”. After the end of the war in Abkhazia, “Caucasus” was established in 1994 and since its establishment, Abkhazia …

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