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Abkhazian Folk Dance Ensemble-Kavkaz

Abkhazian Folk Dance Ensemble – Kavkaz

When it was first established, it is a “folk dance group of the Caucasus peoples confederation of state folk dance community” and currently continues its activities as “abkhazian state folk dance community”. After the end of the war in Abkhazia, “Caucasus” was established in 1994 and since its establishment, Abkhazia has originated and carried out all its works there. has been working as an art director since its establishment. When it was first established, it had 18 abkhaz, 18 adyghe, 3 acetin and 2 Chechen artists. 12 of them were state artists, famous throughout the Caucasus.

They shook things up in Turkey make their first show in 95 years. Apsua kosara dance choreography for the first time in the clothes that ekiptir.ayrı this team was built by money collected from turkey. Candida Tarba had said about the team when it comes to turkey “during the war in Abkhazia it is rare to partner the Northern Caucasus peoples’ve and we see the solidarity and postwar a community of all those people we want to still be established under the leadership of the confederation. Our goal working in the long term not short-term union This group will be a model of the united Caucasus and show that all Caucasian peoples can be together.

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