Lithuanian folk dance – Galiopas

The extract of the whole dance play “Zmones”(People) directed by A. Cholina.

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  1. I LOVE the advanced rouinte with NappyTabs, although I’m physically unable to do it. It’s a great rouinte. Plus it’s for both males and females. The intermediate rouinte, however, absolutely sucks!!! Who does that chick think she is? Not only does she create a rouinte for females only, but she also creates a raunchy one that most girls/women wouldn’t want to do. I thought this was supposed to be family show. I also thought that these dances were supposed to be made up of moves that everyone would like and could handle, depending on the level that he/she is at. Extremely disappointing, So You Think You Can Dance peeps!!! I am a guy who would be at the intermediate level, but now I won’t be able to dance at all. I also agree with Shantel there should be only 1 song that everyone can dance to at the same time. Dance is supposed to bring people together. If people are at different levels and are dancing to various songs, then this whole National Dance Day theory is a failure and only segregates everybody. Just my opinion. Changes definitely need to be made.

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