Wednesday , February 21 2024
Elazig Region Turkish Folk Dances

Elazig Region Folk Dances

Here is a video that will be contain all of folk dance steps here i share..

Cayda Cira, ,Fatmali, Kecike, Temur Aga Delilo, Halay from Elazig Region, Halay type of dance..

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Kecike Steps Elazig Region Turkish Folk Dances

Kecike Steps – Elazig Region

It’s called Kecike.. From Elazig city in Turkey.. A Halay type of Turkish Folk Dance. …

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  1. I think that every one in the top 4 are brilliant daecrns in their own styles. Personally, Ade is my pick over Evan. I enjoy seeing Evan do his style (Broadway) and I enjoy watching Ade do almost any style. He has been my favorite from the beginning and I hate that he is no longer on the show.Jeanine has made impressive growth throughout this season. She wasn’t one of my favorite’s at the start, but the change that she has gone through as a dancer is truly inspiring. This show gives people the opportunity to try styles they never have before, and I think Jeanine and Jannette showed how versatile they both were and how much they could each grow.Brandon and Kayla are both great daecrns. I have been disappointed in Kayla’s solos recently, but she certainly has talent. Brandon is a great dancer as well and I enjoy watching them both. However, there is something about them, I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.Good luck to all the top 4 daecrns- you are all very talented.

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