Friday , September 22 2023
Duz Horon Steps Trabzon Region Turkish Folk Dance

Duz Horon Steps For Man – Trabzon Region

It’s called Duz Horon.. From Trabzon city in Turkey.. A Horon type of Turkish Folk Dance.

Here is the video.. Video’s language is turkish. But you can see steps clearly..

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  1. I have been a professional dcnear since I was 8 years old thanks to Suzy Stone and the Hip Hop Kidz. I have danced with the best of the best, including Brandon Bryant, Cassie Scerbo (from Make it or break it and bring it on 4), and johnny (from dance on sunset). Honestly I think that the final four did amazing this year. Evan has his own style which is difficult to understand. I feel that he tries very hard but just couldn’t keep up with people like brandon and ade. Kayla is wonderful as well, but she kept her personality hidden all season and sadly it wasn’t enough to show it the night before the finale. Jeanine always seemed in the background to me. I think that she’s good but it really didn’t help to tell fans that she hated dance. Now I feel as if she’s fake. Anyways congrats on the win. Brandon has gone through so much in his dance journey in his life. He’s been rejected and torn down all the time. He was rejected the first time he tried out for sytycd and I saw the reluctance in his face on audition day this season. He has grown so much this season, but people don’t see that because he’s always been fantastic. Like evan, he’s been torn down by the judges like lil c and mia michaels. I know that I would have a hard time working with a choreographer that had it out to get me eliminated. What I love so much about him is that no matter how hard he tries he takes harsh criticism like a pro and always with a smile. I know that he has what it takes to continue to strive for excellence. This is not the last that america will see of brandon. Although he didn’t win, I know that he will do something great and be known throughout the world as america’s favorite dcnear!

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