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Hungarian traditional folk dance 2: Eleki

A Hungarian folk dance. Romanian dance from Elek. Elek is in Hungary, next to the Romanian border. The story of the coreography: There’s a man who does the hoseworks and falls asleep. He dreams the dancers. When he wakes up, he continues the sweeping and he finds a red ribbon… Nograd Folk Dance Group. Recorded in Arcade, Galiza, Spain on 12/08/2007. Thank you, Szilvcsi, for the information. Danza tradicional húngara. Trata dun home que fai os traballos da casa e desexa bailar. Cando se deita soña coas danzas e, pola mañá, ó continuar a varrer, atopa un lazo vermello. Nógrád Folk Dance Group. Gravado en Arcade o 12/08/2007.

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