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Finnish Folk Dances

Finnish Folk Dances

Kiikurit Finnish Folk Dancers from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada performing 2 dances at the Finlandia Club gala benefiting the building restoration fund on Saturday, December 1, 2007 as well as marking the 90th anniversary of Finland’s independence in 1917. Dance #1: Ellin Polkka Dance #2: Suvitunnelma Choreographed by director Harri Kurtti Kiikurit Finnish folk dance group was formed in 1970 and has performed in Finland, Australia, various festivals in the US and Canada and will be at Finnfest 2008 in Duluth, Minnesota

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  1. Thanks John. I added your blog to the blended feed. I will go thruogh these links and see if anything catches my eye. I’m kind of picky.Keep up the awesome sketches too.

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